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"We started with Mobile Bandit right from the start. We were a little skeptical at first as it was a new company but they have not let us down. We see new customers daily and we have plans to expand all of our operations with them. Our own CEO has Mobile Bandit on his phone! Cheers Mobile Bandit , keep up the good work."

Extreme Pita

"Advertising with Mobile Bandit has been a great experience we receive new customers everyday. It was easy for our staff understand and our customers love it."

Burger King

"Mobile Bandit is amazing! I have total control of my advertising for a change and it's so easy to use. We get new customers all the time. I highly recommend this company and this advertsing medium."

Taco Del Mar

"Fantastik! We received new customers right away that are now regulars!"

Opa! Of Greece Restaurants

"We couldn't believe we had the response we received. The system is easy to use yet powerful enough to meet all of our needs. Our managers have the flexibility of 100% control of all of our marketing. We are constantly seeing new customers thanks to advertising with Mobile Bandit. "


"Mobile Bandit works! It has been a far superior option than other forms of advertising we have used including newspaper and local radio. I would recommend Mobile Bandit to other merchants."

Mucho Burrito

"The day we signed up we started getting new customers. I couldnt believe it."

Curry Express Fine Indian Cuisine

"Our customers just love it and so do we!"

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

"We are getting new customers all the time because of Mobile Bandit!"

Marble Slab Creamery

"We saw the value in Mobile Bandit on day one. Since we started we have seen a regular flow of customers everyday. We were unsure this would work for us but it has and we are very pleased with this advertising"

Champers Salons

"5 out of 5 stars. This advertising paid for itself after the first few days. I wouldnt believe it if I didn't try it myself."

Vanish Laser Hair and Beauty

"Mobile Bandit is a great option to the standard advertising options.We have supported it since day one and it has been a huge success with our business"

Matteos Gelato

"It brought us customers the same day we joined. We have loved it from day one!"

Zero Japanese Restaurant

"The team at Mobile Bandit are great! We think this is a great marketing tool that really works."

The Buffalo Club Restaurant

Mobile Bandit is a simple yet powerful marketing tool. If your looking to find advertising that works, this is it! "

Jakes Steakhouse

"We seen customers right after we joined and we still do regularly"

Joey's Urban Restaurants


Ruan Thai Restaurant

Shopper Testimonials

"Pretty awesome app. Not too many FREE apps will get you FREE stuff with no purchase necessary. I can't wait for more companies to pick this up!"

- June App Store Review 2012

"I LOVE IT! Thousands of dollars worth of stuff! I can't believe it is FREE."

- App Store Review

"I am very impressed with this FREE App, me and my husband use it often."

- App Store Review

"If it weren't for Mobile Bandit I would not have found my spectacular new seamstress."

- App Store Review

"Boston Pizza, Burger King, Quiznos, Taco Del Mar, Opa! are kidding me this App is the best thing I have ever found!"

- App Store Review

"Soooo great! I try to use it everyday. The SHOW AND GO deals kick ass!"

- App Store Review

"I got FREE ice cream at Marble Slab and FREE apple turnovers at Burger King. I tell everyone to get this and I'm telling you DOWNLOAD it NOW!."

- June App Store Review 2012

"Awesome App! Easy to use... 5 out of 5 stars!"

- App Store Review

"I think this type of promotion for local businesses is an absolutely fantastic and an original way to support local business and the economy. Keep up the good work."

- App Store Review

"One of the best apps I have ever used. It has lead me to so many wonderful businesses."

- App Store Review

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